PNP’s Rule of Engagement: Point and Shoot!

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Yes folks. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has only one (1) rule of engagement… POINT and SHOOT! With subsection… ‘UNTIL YOUR MAGAZINE CLIPS ARE EMPTY!’ *sic*

This has been religiously justified by our law enforcers since time immemorial. From the pre-Spanish to PGMA era, our trigger-happy-blood-thirsty cops are on the prowl for would be victims to satisfy their itchy fingers. And the worse part is that our government is not doing anything about it. The cries of the family of their victims falls on deaf ears.

What happened to these erring law enforcers after the complaint? Has anyone been put into justice? Has there been measures to prevent such barbaric operations to happen again?

I’ve googled the internet to look for clear rules of engagement in the Philippines. To my dismay, there’s none. What i’d been given are archives of several operations of the PNP / NBI / Army turned bad. From the innocent family on their way to picnic, to a mistaken van in Cebu, to the child of a driver who just happened to borrow his boss’ car to an event (his boss is an alleged kingpin), to a demented guy in Pasay city who held hostage a boy, to a fil-chinese girl riddled by the defunct PACC with bullets alongside with her kidnappers, to a group of yuppies just having fun in Ortigas that has been mistaken for carnappers and planted evidences against them, and more! (

These recent witch hunt of the PNP on the RCBC robbers, who cold-bloodedly killed several bank employees and customers, escalated this issue once more of not having a clear rules of engagement. PGMA should chastened her law enforcers as they continue to defy her order last 2004:

“The end can never justify the means and lapses on police operations must never be tolerated,” the President said in a statement.

The President said the directive was “to avoid a repetition of this unfortunate event.” –

The question that comes to our mind now is that, are these law enforcers know what are the Rules of Engagement? Or are they also in the dark as they don’t know what to do… as there is really no one?

Do they know the Miranda Rights? Are they not watching hollywood movies, where a cop reads the suspect’s rights no matter how they execute their arrests? They’re not doing this. If you watch those sensationalized tv programs in channels 2 ( XXX ), 7 (imbestigador) and 13 (bitag), you won’t see any law enforcers reading the suspect’s rights… and these are seen on national tv!

Our lack of clear rules of engagement sends negative signals to our people and foreign neighbors and investors. The wheel of justice is not rolling, or if it is… it’s rolling on the wrong direction… or rolling in the dark… crashing anyone, anything in its path.

We have our rights to have a peace of mind… that we are safe in our homes… that any members of our family is safe out there because there are law enforcers who know what their doing… that even if they were mistaken to be law-breakers, we know their rights will be upheld…

because there are clear rules of engagement!



  1. sonny said,

    ha ha ha.!
    u have a point
    but u cant do anything about dat..!
    dats da reality in our country.^_^

    • arvin said,

      oohhhhwwwww…. thats why im bothered right now, how to start my staff study on how to improve or ammend our rules of engagement…

  2. art said,

    crazy, so what about legal civilian gun owners? can you just empty your magazine/clip into anyone who pick pockets you?

    • Rome said,

      That is why people are more afraid when you see police officer even if you are doing nothing agains the law. Civilians simply do not know are straight law enforcer and not. And I guess this why more and more civilians are getting their own registered gun to protect them selves and there family.

  3. mila said,

    it’s crazy !! >.< i don't want to be innocent about that engagement !

  4. mary joy said,

    thats true if police policer doing their duties and responsibilities as a law enforcer……theirs nothing wrong with our country their should have peace and excellent community living….

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